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Rug Cleaning

Oriental RugWe take pride in cleaning carpets and floors, but we also are great rug cleaners, too. We can clean your Persian, Oriental, and other fine area rugs. When it comes to your rugs, we take the greatest care. We can either, clean you area rugs while we are in your home or take them home with us, clean them, and return them back to you clean and renewed. 

In cleaning your rugs, we make sure to first determine the type of rug you have. This involves examining how the rug was woven together, the glues used to hold the rug together (some rugs do not use a glue to keep the weave together), the fabric type, and the type of dye used for coloring the fabric. This allows us to make sure we use the proper cleaning solutions that will be tough on the dirt but not on your rug. Then we will clean your rugs using a method similar to our carpet cleaning process. 

 While we can clean most area rug types, there are certain rugs that require other methods in order to be cleaned properly. All areas may not offer rug cleaning, please contact your local Heaven's Best operator for details.